Located centrally in Eastern Europe, the countries terrain is varied, containing large mountainous areas, fertile valleys, plains and a 354km beautiful coastline along the Black Sea. Bulgaria shares its border with Turkey and Greece to the south, Macedonia and Yugoslavia to the west, Romania to the north and the Black Sea to the east.The capital, Sofia, lies in the western region of the country.

Statistical facts about Bulgaria:
Area 42,823 sq. mi. (110,975 sq km)
Population about 8,000,000
Largest citiesPlovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Burgas
Monetary unitLev

Western Europeans have been coming to Bulgaria for years, although primarily just to enjoy cheap skiing, food and weather, which in winter can be particularly harsh. The climate in Bulgaria is moderate continental with four yearly seasons. Summers are reliably long and warm from May to September. The coldest month is January and the hotest August. The average air temperature in the summer is 30 Cº and the average water temperature - 25 Cº Property prices here are very low, even by comparison with the rest of central Europe. A typical 3 bed villa by the sea costs around $ 50,000 and inland or in more rural areas something of a similar size would cost much less. Foreigners are barred from owning land, although they are permitted to buy the buildings themselves. In practice, overseas buyers can establish a company here to own property securely.

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